Create Content, Derive Value

Everyone says “content is king,” and we couldn’t agree more. Here at the office, our CEO George Affleck is a big fan of content superstar Gary Vee. Click through below to see how to get the most value out of your content marketing strategy.

This slide share is a great example of how to get the most out of the content you create. Start with one long form piece of content and turn that into bite-sized micro-content to share on social media, where people are quicker to scroll through.

Marketing for Medical Business – How to Start

Our marketers Stephen Johnson and George Affleck explain the marketing strategies behind medical businesses, specifically retail medical.

Learn about our experience with dentists, physiologists, chiropractors, personal trainers and osteopaths. They describe the importance of knowing what your brand is, identifying your target market, qualifying leads, as well as which channels are most effective for lead generation.

Then, George discusses how important it is to understand your unique service offering and to take advantage of recurring customers by retargeting via digital, social, traditional and mobile marketing tools.