How to Write Blog Posts That Drive the Right Traffic to Your Website (And It’s Way Easier Than You Think)

This week I gave my agency team the ultimate challenge: 52 blog posts in 52 weeks.

The ideas for post subjects came from a list of attention-grabbing headlines I found on a Facebook group (btw — Facebook groups are great places for inspiration and knowledge building), courtesy of Vietnam-based content provider Jos Aguiar (

Ready to Blog

I was surprised at how excited my team got. I sent them 74 possible headlines (see full list below) and said first come first served. In other words, whoever tagged their favourite headline first would likely make their life easier on the writing side.

Now — to be clear — just because Curve Communications does marketing and advertising does not mean all of us are writers. So the idea of writing 500 words on any subject did intimidate some, but it also thrilled others, mostly based on their writing skill levels.

The thing is, any small to medium-sized business can do this, and I would argue they NEED to do it. Content on your website and in your social feeds is king. Original content that is helpful and that evokes the personality of your business is even more crucial to engaging your current audience and enticing new people to buy your products or services.

The key to this process is to be fast at it. Choose your title, fill in the blanks, and start writing based on your knowledge base. You don’t have to be an expert but one would assume that if you own a small business, you likely are skilled at what you do. The fact is, once you have the title of the piece, the hard work is done.

I am writing this first piece of the series right now – so far, what you have read has taken me ten minutes to write. I am a pretty good writer, but I’m also a major procrastinator when it comes to getting my fingers on the keyboard. So if you are like me, or like some of my staff who are challenged by time or a writing focus, there are some shortcuts you can take.

For my team, I have said I will let them outsource the work, but they have to come up with a title first using the list below. Sites like,, and are perfect for finding great writers. Or if they really want to, the reluctant writer in my group might want to slip 50 bucks to a fellow team member and get them to do the work. However, I am hoping they don’t do that and instead take the time to write what they know better than most. It should be a proud moment to shine.

So — what are you waiting for? You too could have 52 articles about your business’ focus that will be helpful to your customers or clients and drive new visitors to your website. And — in a way — it’s great to build team spirit and share knowledge internally and externally. Right, team?!

Stay tuned to this page and our social feeds because over the next 52 weeks there WILL be new content here from a variety of sources, giving you a ton of great marketing information, and it will hopefully inspire you to do the same. Happy New Year!

(74 Killer Headlines for your Blogs!)

74 Great Headlines

George Affleck is the Founder of Curve Communications, a Vancouver-based digital marketing agency focused on lead generation for small and medium-sized businesses. His team loves it when he comes up with ideas like this. If you would like to chat with George about your business’ marketing, schedule a free consultation here.

How Magazine Design for the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation is Transforming the Lives of Canadians from Coast to Coast

How Magazine Design for the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation is Transforming the Lives of Canadians from Coast to Coast

How Magazine Design for the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation is Transforming the Lives of Canadians from Coast to Coast

Getting your content in front of the right eyes is more important than ever these days. With access to millions of stories at our fingertips, it takes time to create an engaging magazine that really catches your reader’s eye.

That’s why the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation (DSRF) and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) chose to work with our team to design their first national quarterly publication, 3.21: Canada’s Down Syndrome Magazine. For many years, the DSRF has come to Curve Communications for a variety of marketing initiatives, videography, and photography content, and when it came to the creation of 3.21 they knew exactly who to count on to turn their publication dreams into a reality.

The Design Process

The DSRF came to us with the idea of creating an all-new quarterly publication, full of stories from Canada’s Down syndrome community. The publication would be distributed nationally through the DSRF and CDSS websites and social channels, with some physical copies made available for local communities. They needed a reliable team who could bring together their collection of stories, images, features, and ads into one glossy publication with an e-magazine to accompany it – and that’s where Curve stepped in.

The DSRF had been putting out a newsletter for more than two decades but knew it was time to expand it into a more polished and professional magazine, similar to what you might see on a newsstand.

Now you might be thinking – why follow a traditional magazine format, and revive an old medium? “When you work with the right organization and audience, magazines are a great way to get your message out through the noise,” says Amanda Bates, Curve’s Vice President and client lead with DSRF. Our team worked hard to understand the wants and needs of the DSRF and their key audience. For the DSRF and their collaborative partners at CDSS, that meant creating a sleek magazine that would serve as a forum to inform and inspire individuals and families across the country. And for their audience, it meant having access to a publication that showcases important stories of families and individuals just like them. 

Curve developed the magazine’s branding and aesthetic from scratch, creating a bright and professional template for the overall look of the magazine and its regular features, and from there it was up to us to bring the publication to life. With each successive issue, our collaboration with the DSRF continues to evolve as a publication for families and individuals with stories and advice from Canada’s leading Down syndrome experts, parents and self-advocates.

The Results

The whole process was spearheaded by our Manager of Creative Projects, Kerry Slater, and after a couple of meetings, 3.21’s look and format were created, along with the launch of a logo, all incorporating uplifting, bright colours throughout the publication to accompany the positive and encouraging stories within. “Creating 3.21 with the DSRF has been incredibly rewarding and has really allowed me to grow in my design work. With each edition of 3.21, I feel more and more at home with the DSRF team. They’ve allowed me to branch out with design and take artistic risks, which have paid off,” says Kerry. And there’s proof of Kerry’s hard work, eye for design, and total understanding of DSRF’s value as an organization on each page of 3.21.

So, what does the DSRF think of their shiny new quarterly publication? “We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Curve Communications on 3.21: Canada’s Down Syndrome Magazine,” says Glen Hoos, Director of Communications at DSRF. “The product gets better and better. Our office proudly displays each of Kerry’s magazine covers on our walls and we look forward to working together on this project for many years to come.”

Are you interested in working with Curve Communications on your next design project? Our team works hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their business, brand, and initiatives.

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