RAD Torque Systems

01 Overview

How Curve’s Digital Marketing Services Helped RAD Get 5.9 Million Impressions & Increase Website Pageviews by 43%

Our digital marketing agency isn’t just here to revolutionize clients’ websites and advertising techniques. At Curve Communications, we want to alleviate the marketing burdens resting on the shoulders of you and your employees.

Learn how we did just that for RAD Torque Systems, one of our manufacturing clients. They were struggling to find the time and resources to design a new website and market their brand – so we stepped in.

About RAD Torque Systems

RAD Torque Systems is a leading Canadian manufacturer of pneumatic, battery-powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches.

The brand’s marketing and sales director initially approached Curve because she was too busy to work on external marketing efforts. She wanted to grow the business, but she was strapped for time. Her busy workday and heavy involvement in daily operations meant that most marketing strategies were placed on the back burner.

This marketing director needed assistance on a variety of collateral, including a new product catalogue, industry brochures, a trade show booth, and shipping boxes.

02 Mission

Discovery: Finding RAD’s Most Viable Digital Marketing Services

After a thorough Curve discovery session – we cornered the best ways to impact RAD’s business growth. Our marketing consultants suggested new digital advertising strategies, created a new website, and filmed a corporate video to tell RAD’s story.

With Curve’s help, RAD ensured their business marketing dollars were well spent. Qualified traffic was sent to a website that conveyed their improved brand design and a compelling value proposition.

This was especially critical as RAD pitched their products to big companies like Boeing and CN Rail – major users of extreme-duty torque wrenches.

03 Result

Impressive Results in Manufacturing Marketing

In the six months after hiring our website design services, RAD had more than 47,000 users visit their new website. Currently, it receives around 400 page views each day. The traffic shows no signs of slowing down – with a 43 percent increase in average daily pageviews.

Users are spending an average of 2.8 minutes on the RAD site. Given that the industry standard is 2 minutes, this is a huge win for brand awareness.

Armed with new personalized marketing collateral, RAD Torque launched improved digital advertising campaigns, as well as Google AdWords strategies. Their efforts have been a major success: the company has received over 5.9 million impressions and been seen more than 5 million times across the Google Display network.

Continuing to Improve RAD’s Customized Marketing Plans

Curve has been RAD’s marketing team since 2016. Our digital marketing agency functions much like RAD employees as we steer their strategies toward a stronger future.

Our aid means that RAD’s marketing and sales director, Irene Tod, no longer feels overwhelmed by external marketing tasks. She can focus on daily operations and building relationships between sales teams and external stakeholders – without feeling like marketing is another weight on her shoulders.

We’re really happy with our relationship with Curve. Not only has the agency’s work helped RAD with new business development, it has also given me access to a team of knowledgeable marketing professionals that can help with projects at a moment’s notice,” said Tod.

That’s invaluable to a busy, growing business like RAD. We would recommend Curve for any manufacturing company looking to strengthen brand awareness and increase sales.

Is your team stretched too thin to address marketing needs?

Reach out to Curve Communications today. We’ll explain how we function as an extension of your own team in taking your brand to the next level.