Novex Delivery Solutions

01 Overview

How Curve’s Creative Branding Efforts Boosted Novex Delivery Leads by 30 Percent

Branding is all about finding your special edge and wielding it against your competitors.

In 2017, we revamped Novex’s brand image to highlight its unique value proposition. Through innovative website design and customized marketing, we transformed the way this brand pulled in leads.

Keep reading to learn exactly how we did it.

Introducing Novex

Novex is a same-day express courier and freight company in the Lower Mainland. They have nearly 100 couriers and serve the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and the rest of Canada. Novex has more hybrids and fully electric vehicles than any other same-day courier in the market. With 100 percent ultra-low emissions vehicles, they save 180 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

The company strives to limit its impact on the environment and constantly looks for new ways to reduce emissions. With that in mind, Curve began by focusing on the Novex brand as the de facto local, “green” courier.

02 Mission

Bringing Novex Up to Speed

As one of the largest same-day couriers in its region, Novex Delivery Solutions operates in an extremely competitive market. The company is often up against international brands with deep pockets.

With ambitious sales goals and a new management team, Novex approached Curve to refresh their brand and build an ongoing business marketing plan. They wanted to take a bite out of the other courier companies in the market – and we were willing to help.

The Solution: Getting into the Mind of the Ideal Customer

Our primary goal was to highlight the company’s unique value proposition: their commitment to environmental protection with hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Our team also worked to showcase the delivery company’s dependable history of three decades in the business. Curve Communications aimed to make Novex the brand of choice for customers who care about emission levels, and need their packages to arrive on time.

For starters, our website designers refined Novex’s online platform and reworked the copy to better appeal to their ideal customers: local individuals and businesses that value eco-friendliness.

The website’s messaging, layout, and colours were carefully selected to reflect the company’s value proposition. Our web specialists ensured the website was totally Google-compliant and that all components were SEO-friendly.

Following the interactive website designer services and site launch, Novex’s lead acquisition increased almost immediately. To capture more leads, we wanted to promote customer testimonials as trust indicators. With built-in digital tracking systems and solid internal customer management solutions, Curve and Novex quickly saw the benefit of professional website design and a strong marketing plan.

“We know that potential clients can find the information they are looking for and see the benefits of using an environmentally-friendly courier,” said the company’s president. “Our ongoing advertising, social and PR strategies in partnership with Curve are driving our sales goals to new heights.”

03 Result

Taking Novex’s Lead Gen to the Next Level

Understanding a brand’s consumers – and then crafting a custom marketing plan around their expectations – is key to meeting sales goals.

Paid Google and Facebook marketing campaigns worked wonders for Novex. Within three months, Novex saw a 30 percent increase in leads with a very high close rate. After 18 months, they were breaking historic sales records, month after month. The cost per lead hit a record low.

Curve didn’t just want Novex to appeal to any customer – we wanted to target their ideal customer base. We removed roadblocks that were preventing them from properly accessing these consumers.

Today, we continue to keep their brand image consistent as they appeal to their current customer pool. When we work with consumer brands, we have to get into the heads of their customers. Curve currently runs Facebook and Google ads to generate awareness about Novex. Our work has:

  • Boosted lead generation by 30 percent
  • Helped the courier achieve record sales for the fiscal year of 2017
  • Crystallized Novex’s brand identity and public image

Into the Consumer Mind

We want to know who customers are, what they like, what they don’t like, and how they make purchasing decisions. Armed with this information, we develop customized marketing strategies – like Novex’s – to improve sales and meet goals.

Consumer brands that operate in extremely competitive markets need a customized marketing strategy to stand a chance against bigger companies. When smaller, local companies compete with larger, international brands, they often struggle due to a lack of resources and funding.

Novex Delivery Solutions understands this challenge well. They compete with many international customers, and one of their biggest goals was to use new digital advertising tools and creative branding solutions to drive their lead generation efforts.

Do you need help clarifying your brand image and reaching your ideal customers?

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