Four Hidden Facebook Features You Didn’t Know Existed

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There’s a lot more to Facebook that meets the eye. Even though Facebook is by far the most popular social network in the world, there are lots of hidden customizations, settings, and features many people aren’t aware of. Note that these won’t be very useful for businesses, but are a great way to spruce up your personal Facebook page.


Take control of your news feed.


Everyone has that guy on Facebook. You know that guy. The guy that posts stuff you really hate. Whether they’re smothering you with baby pictures, vacation photos, or just being really really annoying, you just wish there was some way to get rid of him on your news feed.



Not to worry, by clicking on News Feed Preferences, you can easily tweak what (and who) you see on Facebook. This allows you to unfollow annoying friends without them actually knowing. You’ll still be “friends”, but you just won’t see their posts anymore.




You can also prioritize your best friends’ posts, find new pages to follow, and add back anyone you’ve unfollowed in the past as well.


Reclaim your privacy


How many apps have you installed on your phone and your computer? Chances are, a lot of them ask for a Facebook login to streamline the process. While this is great for you at the time, these apps continue collecting your personal information to pass off to third party advertisers.




To cut off which apps have access, click on the Privacy Shortcuts button on the top right, then click See More Options. Once there, click Apps on the left hand side.




You should see a huge list of apps, games, and tools you’ve given access to over the years.




If there are any apps you don’t use anymore, you should definitely remove them from your list. Who knows where that information is going?


Talk like a Pirate


If you feel like you want to live out your dream of being a pirate on the high seas, this is the Easter egg for you.



First, go back to your privacy shortcuts page and then click language, you can change Facebook’s language to Pirate or Upside down.




Is it useful? Not really, but at least Facebook still has a sense of humour!


Revisit your relationship


Image Source – Armin Weigel, BBC


For those of you in a relationship, Facebook actually tracks all the posts, photos, and videos shared between the two of you. It can be a great way to revisit your memories with your significant other.


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