Are Your Fans Content With Your Content?

Recently, Facebook updated their algorithm system to allow older posts with high engagement to be boosted back up “just in case you missed it the first time” (Yes, that means your friend who posts polarizing comments just for reaction will be seen again. And again).

This new measurement system also extends to brand pages (much like the Curve Communications Facebook page, from which you may have found this blog). Remember, on average, only 16% of the people who “like” your brand page will see your content in their news feed each time you post something. This new algorithm system could help boost your engagement in a more organic fashion than paid ads or promoted posts.

What is Facebook looking for? Timely content that relates to what your brand page is about (avoid memes). The goal is to reward pages who engage with their fans on a content-based level with higher reach.

Similarly, Google’s newest algorithms hurts published press and news releases that are seen to be keyword stuffing.  ZDNet broke the news, which made its way around PR circles quickly.

We need not worry (or pack our desks quite yet). In essence, Google is weeding out unnatural links and keyword stuffing that the writer thought might help boost their SEO. This “forces” the writer to create engaging, creative content.

Nothing wrong with that. And hey, if you post that release on your Facebook page, it might just help you get some extra reach too.



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