Why is Brand Awareness so Important?

Brand Awareness Marketing Concept


We’ve noticed a lot of businesses have trouble understanding the benefits of brand awareness. Sure, it’s not as good as someone confirming a sale or calling your contact line, but the number of unique impressions (also known as the reach of your ad) can have a positive impact on your future sales.


Obviously, the more people who know about your brand, the better off you are, but how does that translate into sales?


Think about it like this.


In the next ten seconds, think of where you would like to go out for dinner tonight. What comes to mind?


The names of the restaurants (or fast food joints) that come to mind will be a part of your consideration set, that is, brands and products that come to mind to serve a specific need.


Out of those restaurants, narrow it down to your top three. It’s pretty safe to say you are very likely to eat at one of the three restaurants.


The entire point of brand awareness is to get INTO this consideration set, and once you’re in there, to get into the top three. If people don’t know about you, they won’t buy your product. If they know about you but they don’t care or don’t know enough to make a decision, they won’t buy your product.


How do we get people into the consideration set (and above)?


  • Repetition. How many times do you see a sign of a new store before you actually think about it? How many more before you consider shopping there? Increasing the frequency of your ads is a huge driver to getting people to think seriously about your brand.
  • Interest. Does your ad grab their attention? Does it make them want to learn more? Give your audience a reason to care and a reason to buy your product.
  • Information. If they want to learn more about your business, is it easy to get it? Is your website accessible? Is there a phone number that connects to a human being? Don’t make it hard for a potential customer to learn about your business.


Not every member of your audience will end up being a customer, but if you’ll never know unless you get your brand in front of them. That’s why things like viral videos, publicity stunts, and media hits can be so valuable for your business.

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