Going Mobile Friendly – Why Having a Desktop Website isn’t Enough

Mobile Friendly

Will your website display properly for mobile phones?

With the rise of smart phones, it’s no surprise that people are increasingly using mobile phones to visit websites.

Many companies have taken advantage of this trend by making a mobile-friendly version of their site. This means that users visiting a website on their phones will be automatically taken to a different version of the site, which is easier to navigate on a smartphone.

Still wondering if it’s worth it? Investing in a mobile-friendly site will benefit your business and here’s why:

1.    Improved user experience           

If more people are using their phones to view your site, you want them to have a good experience. This is especially important if you want to appeal to younger demographics that are notorious for having short attention spans. They aren’t going to wait around for a poorly-designed site to load, and then struggle to navigate around just to purchase something.

Improving user experience means that you…

2.    Boost your bottom line

The end goal of your website should (hopefully!) be to make some money or raise some brand awareness. Any social media or online advertising efforts to attract people to your website will be wasted if the site doesn’t even load or the text and buttons are too small. At the end of the day, more people visiting your site means more people learning about your brand and potentially buying your product.

Most importantly, having a mobile-friendly site helps you…

3.    Catch up to the competition

In the past, having a mobile-friendly site would put you above your competitors, but the industry has changed. If your site doesn’t cater to mobile users, your competitors will leave you in the dust.

Businesses can’t ignore the growing importance of being mobile-friendly. You wouldn’t allow tiny images, broken links, or long load times on your desktop website, so why force it on your mobile users?

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