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At Curve Communications, we believe that every organization is unique. So when you come to us with a marketing need, we design a plan just for you. You know that information is easily lost in today’s fast-paced, media-saturated world. But our team of marketing, PR and digital media specialists can help you navigate the maze to get your story told.

We do this by creating a strong relationship with you, understanding your product or service and focusing on what you want to accomplish. From website builds, graphic design, content creation and online marketing to video production, media and public relations, event planning and social media, our experienced team of professionals is ready to build your brand today.


Stay up to date with everything in the world around you. We write about social media, PR, marketing strategy, and the hottest industry trends.

  • Multicultural Marketing Matters

    Feb 04 , 2016

    This article was written by our intern, Zara Doshi!   Is your business guilty of adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach to multicultural marketing? Are you failing to include the […]

  • Avoiding Scope Creep for your Next Project

    Jan 28 , 2016

      Anyone who’s ever worked on a group project will be familiar with the idea of “scope creep”, even if you don’t know what the term means yet. Here’s the […]

  • Is Your Social Media Authentic Enough?

    Jan 22 , 2016

      Social media is an interesting tool for businesses. We want to be authentic and genuine and form a real connection with customers, but many companies don’t quite seem to […]



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