A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency for Growth-Minded Businesses

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency for Growth-Minded Businesses

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

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If you feel your business isn’t growing, take a look at your sales pipeline. It’s often the first sign of a broken marketing engine – and is THE biggest roadblock to business growth.

We’ve worked with hundreds of business who’ve struggled with sales as a result of poor marketing. That fact is that sales and marketing need to work together to support growth — no matter your budget. And when it comes to marketing, there are no shortcuts, no slow days, and no weekend warriors.

Curve Communications is here to keep your marketing efforts moving forward. Whether that means picking up the slack of your overwhelmed in-house team – or taking the reins altogether – we’ll make sure you see the growth you deserve.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Small to Mid-Size Businesses

  • You rely too much on word-of-mouth.
  • Your marketing efforts and sales pipeline don’t feel like they function in the same universe.
  • Hiring first-rate marketing professionals in-house is expensive.
  • You simply don’t know where to begin with marketing.

Manufacturing Companies

  • Your in-house marketing team is stretched too thin.
  • You’re forced to prioritize essential marketing tasks due to lack of bandwidth.
  • Your budget-conscious marketing provider doesn’t fully grasp the manufacturing world.
  • Juggling multiple cut-rate marketing providers is muddling your sales pipeline.


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A Plan Built For You

ALL businesses need a sound plan that aligns perfectly with their sales funnel – regardless of the industry. Every dollar invested MUST translate to positive business growth. And, because no two brands are alike – you need a marketing provider that takes the time to truly understand you.

Curve’s Powerful Blend of Traditional & Digital Marketing Solutions

Curve Communications brings a wealth of expertise in marketing avenues and strategies to the table. Whether your sales pipeline calls for old-fashion print ads and radio spots or new-school social channels and automation – or anything else – we’ll find what works and leverage it into your revenue stream.

Why Work with Curve Communications?


We have a proven Discovery process to understand your business

All successful marketing strategies are built on discovery. Curve Communications has an exceptionally thorough Discovery process designed to pinpoint your values, target customers, challenges, and everything that makes your brand special.


We specialize in working with SMBs and manufacturing companies

We know the struggles of being a small business, and we know the intricacies of the manufacturing industry down to the smallest detail. No matter what your obstacles are, you can rest assured we’ll pick up the ball and run with it. We’ve got success stories to prove it!


We manage ALL marketing tasks under one roof

When you work with Curve, you get all the marketing expertise you need in one fell swoop – with a single point of contact. No more juggling multiple contractors, subcontractors, or freelancers.


We make it a point to justify EVERY dollar you invest in marketing

Growth is measured in dollars invested against dollars earned. At Curve, we pride ourselves on delivering a profound level of client transparency. We believe businesses should never be left wondering how their budget is used. You invest in marketing – we’ll show you exactly where it goes.

Ready to up your business growth?

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Client Testimonials

The Curve team helps with projects at a moment’s notice. We would recommend Curve for any manufacturing company looking to strengthen brand awareness and increase sales.
Irene Tod, Marketing and Sales Director at RAD Torque Systems
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Curve knows our brand, our rhythm and our expectations so that we execute seamlessly and keep our momentum moving forward. I can’t recommend the team at Curve enough.
Cadeyrn Craig, Creative and Brand Manager at Motion Canada
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The entire team at Curve Communications have been great at understanding our needs and then developing and executing lead generation programs. Would highly recommend!
Brett Surgenor, Brand Manager at Novex
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The Curve team is just top notch at branding and marketing, and they truly understand what it means to provide outstanding service.
Shannon Wand, Talent Brand Communications
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Curve has gotten to know us inside and out. They know what we need, and they know how to do it - they also do a really great job of getting it done!
Vikram Vij, of Vij’s restaurants
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