Howard Glase

Healthcare Consultant

Howard Glase has more than 20 years of experience in establishing scientific publishing, CHE and marketing plans for pharmaceutical, device and biotech companies. He has a proven track record of launching and growing brands for healthcare corporations in Canada, the United States and Europe. Howard’s last corporate brand management assignment was a $1.3 billion cardiovascular product.

Howard has experience across numerous therapeutic areas with over 20 global pharmaceutical companies. As an entrepreneur, he has launched and managed healthcare-related companies such as Gotham OHC (Medscape Canada), MD Analytics, and Compass KOL Directions.

Howard is passionate about education. He studied sciences at the University of Ottawa, is an Accredited Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Representative, has an Executive MBA Diploma from the University of Western Ontario, earned a finance Certificate from the Princeton University MBA program, and regularly reads scientific medical journals.

At Curve, Howard’s the resident healthcare marketing expert, but when he’s not racing around with new business development ideas, he can be found reading about sports cars, following F1 and using his racing license around various tracks across the country.