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Most people think public relations – or PR – is all about media relations, but newsrooms are shrinking and there are fewer and fewer journalists to pitch to.

In the past, PR was all about building relationships with journalists and editors, crafting pitches, and controlling the message. But layoffs at TV and radio stations and newspapers make it harder for PR professionals to maintain media lists – especially when a contact might be there one day and gone the next.

Does that mean public relations is dead? Not at all! It’s just changing. We still pitch stories to the media, but we also monitor what people are saying about businesses online, manage media centres and help companies navigate public relations crises.

Traditional PR

When you choose Curve to manage your public relations efforts, you get a team of former journalists, producers and editors on your side. Many of our employees have worked for major news organizations like the BBC, CBC, Citytv, Reuters, and Al Jazeera. This gives our clients a huge advantage because we know what it takes to get a journalist’s attention. We also have local and international media contacts who we can call on when pitching stories.

Digital PR

We no longer focus solely on traditional media when pitching stories. Well-established bloggers, for example, can have an even more engaged audience than traditional outlets. So, we research and pitch to the appropriate online writers to increase the reach of every media campaign we run.

Media Releases/Kits

Journalists are busy people. If you don’t grab their attention within seconds, or if you fail to provide necessary information, they will simply ignore your story. For every media relations campaign we run, we write releases and media kits – complete with backgrounders, bios, and FAQ sheets. This ensures journalists have everything they need to write a story. It also gives us greater control over the messaging.

Media Monitoring

We monitor media hits for all campaigns and provide clients with a list of stories. Keeping track of media hits is extremely important. Businesses can share news stories on social media and post them on their websites to boost credibility.

We also monitor media hits so we can correct any factual errors made by journalists and editors. You might think this never happens, but it does. Factual inaccuracies in news stories can negatively impact a brand, and no business wants that.

Media Centre Management

If you’re organizing a large event, you should have a media centre that journalists can visit when they need more information. Curve has run media centres for events like Vancouver Fashion week, the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, the Stroke Congress, and many more. We know how to quickly connect reporters with event speakers, pitch angles to journalists, and ensure clients and reporters are happy with the end result. Our experience makes us the calm, collected and professional choice.

Crisis PR

When a public relations crisis hits, the first instinct is to panic or crawl under a rock and wait for the storm to pass. But before you run every worst-case scenario through your mind, contact Curve. We understand that the outcome of a crisis depends largely on how a company deals with that crisis. Any misstep can do more damage than good. And the end result comes down to extinguishing the sensationalism and controlling the message. Let us craft a response to your PR crisis and push it out using our media contacts. In no time, your PR nightmare will be nothing more than a bad dream.

In today’s digital world, public relations requires experience. Choose Curve for PR. We’re the experts with insider knowledge.