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More and more Canadians are ditching cable subscriptions in favour of online streaming services like Netflix. Given this shift, you might be wondering if media buying is still worthwhile.

At Curve, we know it is, but only if you have someone on your team who understands the media landscape. Businesses need experts who can offer advice about the best media organizations to place ads with – which changes weekly and monthly and differs depending on a company’s target audience.

Because of Curve’s long history of media buying in British Columbia, we have the necessary connections to tap into the right media audiences for the right price. It’s what allows us to be one of the best advertising agencies in the province.

How we Work

Step One: We sit down with you and get to know the product or service you’re selling.

Step Two: We identify the target audience for that product or service.

Step Three: We decide which medium – TV, radio, print/online – is the most effective in helping us tell your story. For example, if you have a very visual product or service, TV is
likely the best option.

Step Four: We find the media organization with the audience that is best aligned to your target audience.

Step Five: With your budget in mind, we negotiate a buy.

Step Six: We manage the production of any creative collateral developed for the media buy. We write scripts for radio ads, write advertorials for print and online, source
narration for TV ads, and much more.

Native Content

The media landscape is shifting more towards digital. For this reason, native content is an excellent way to advertise products and services to the online generation that doesn’t watch as much cable television or listen to the radio. If you’ve never heard of native content before, chances are you’ve read it without even realizing it. When written correctly, these advertisements read like regular stories in a newspaper, but are identified as sponsored content.

The benefits of paying to publish native content are two-fold. You get access to a newspaper’s far-reaching audience (print and online). But you can also share or advertise a single story on Facebook, tweet about it, and post it on your company website for months after it is published.

Curve has successfully used native content as a cross-platform marketing tool for many of our clients because it is a great investment.

Media Buying vs. Public Relations

If you’re thinking, but why pay for media coverage if we can get it for free, consider that paid advertising is guaranteed. While we have many well-connected, former journalists on our team, there are never any guarantees with PR. There are other benefits to choosing paid advertising over public relations – the top one being that you have greater control over the message.