The Institute for Healthcare Innovations

Brand Build and Launch


The Institute for Healthcare Innovations (IHI) at Innovation Boulevard – a partnership between health, business, higher education and government that seeks to create new, life-improving technologies – approached Curve to build the IHI brand and launch it to the public. Curve was also hired as the agency of note for all organizations participating in the initiative. The IHI needed a website and creative collateral so that it could launch and start fundraising for its health tech projects.



Curve created a logo and business cards and designed and built a website so prospective funders and the public could find out more information about the IHI. We never launch a company or product without first ensuring it has consistent branding and messaging. Because the IHI wanted to launch one of its initial projects – Iron Soldier and a multi-use veterans facility called Veterans Village – to the public and Media, we first had to ensure the Institute was putting its best foot forward. For more information on how the launch went, please visit our Iron Soldier case study.

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