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Vikram Vij is a household name in British Columbia and across Canada. He’s best known for his Vancouver-based restaurant, Vij’s, which connoisseurs of modern Indian cuisine line up for rain or shine.

The chef moved to Canada in 1989 to work at the Banff Springs Hotel. At the time, owning a restaurant was just a dream. Vij often says, “If someone told him back then that he would own several restaurants, food trucks, and a factory, and be on television, he would have laughed.”

Today, he’s accomplished all that and much more. Vij is a chef, restaurateur, television personality, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and advocate for multiculturalism and sustainability.

He owns not one, but three restaurants – Vij’s, Rangoli and My Shanti. He produces a line of take-home food in his factory. His dishes are available at BC Place, Roger’s Arena, Whistler Blackcomb, and on the streets of Vancouver thanks to his two food trucks. He’s a sommelier, he’s been a judge on Dragons’ Den, and he sits on an independent advisory board that submits Senate candidate recommendations.

Vikram Vij has gone from dreaming about owning a single restaurant to running a small empire. And an empire can’t function like a well-oiled machine without support from a team of dedicated people, which Vij has at his restaurants and at Curve Communications.

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