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With our solid background in media centre management, Curve has been called on to work on the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s major annual conference, the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, for several years now.

Starting a few months before Congress, Curve works closely with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, analyzing the stories and reports that will be presented at CCC. Together we work on local, Provincial and national angles, making sure there are relevant interviewees in the markets where studies were done, or where patients are based, as well as pushing the stories out to local media, where the research will be presented.

Using our exemplary contacts in the medical field, we reach out individually to reporters, editors, producers and publishers, securing their promise of non-disclosure, in order to set up as many stories as we can, both in Canada and worldwide.

Heart and Stroke


Our work on the CCC has resulted in millions of people seeing the stories that came out of research presented at Congress in Vancouver. Lead stories on Global National, stories in international publications in India, the United States and the Daily Mail online, mean people around the world have now heard of the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.

In 2014, we were also entrusted to work on the Canadian Stroke Congress in Vancouver just a few weeks before CCC.

Both of those projects resulted in great coverage in traditional media and online. We were able to provide comprehensive media reporting into the hits that were achieved, as well as a breakdown of social media chatter about the studies and the events themselves.

During our time working with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, we have been proud to be associated with such a great organization and to be given the task of spreading the word of doctors, cardiologists and specialists who work tirelessly to simply save lives.

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