HAE Canada

Web Design

HAE Canada is a patient group formed in 2010 to work with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare related professionals to try and create a better life for patients living with HAE (hereditary angioedema – a rare, inherited blood disease) in Canada. With a goal to offer support and community in order to facilitate fuller, healthier lives, HAE Canada came to Curve to help them build a website that would unite the small, widely-dispersed, and often-isolated HAE community members.

The intention behind the launch of an HAE Canada website was not only to inform and educate, but to build a community. With our team of researchers, writers, designers and web programmers, Curve produced the website of our client’s dreams. Truly a labour of love, the HAE Canada website does exactly what it set out to do: it has created a remarkably supportive, accessible, educational and close-knit community for HAE patients across the country.

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