George Affleck

President and CEO

From his beginnings as a host and reporter on CBC, George Affleck has taken all the lessons he’s learned from the media industry and applied it to Curve Communications. A born marketer, George approaches his business with a sharp entrepreneurial spirit and an open mind for innovation.

Through his guidance, Curve Communications proved itself as a trendsetter by being one of the very first advertising agencies to adopt a social media approach to PR and Communications back in 2007.

When he’s not busy working (which is almost never), George loves to spend his free time with his family. You can often find him de-stressing by running on the Stanley Park seawall.

Amanda Bates

Vice President

With over 20 years of experience in journalism, producing, and television, Amanda knows exactly what the media wants in a good story. Amanda’s love for journalism has opened many doors for her, from the BBC and Reuters in London and as senior producer of Breakfast Television on Citytv in Vancouver.

At Curve, there is no one with more knowledge of the television and news industry than Amanda. Her inside track helps her find the nugget of a story which can get clients media coverage across Canada.

Being at Curve means Amanda works with a team of multi-talented professionals on projects we’re all really passionate about. Nothing is more satisfying to her than working through a project from beginning to end and making her clients happy.

Outside of work, Amanda is equally passionate about her family, cooking, and catching up on the latest British TV shows.

Gina Robinson

Director, Client Services

Gina has three main passions at Curve: telling stories, getting the job done, and kicking butt!

With years of experience at Citytv and other newsrooms across the Lower Mainland, Gina is Curve’s go-to project manager. Familiar with non-profit and multi-million dollar corporations alike, Gina’s comprehensive media and public relations campaigns always deliver successful results.

Gina particularly loves the wide variety of projects and the awesome people she gets to meet on the job. A natural storyteller, Gina is an expert at finding the right “angle” for every single pitch that crosses her desk.

When not at work, there’s nothing Gina enjoys more than spending time with her husband, her dog Leo, and a glass filled with BC’s finest wine.

Kerry Slater

Manager, Creative Projects

At Curve, Kerry is the resident expert of event planning, proofreading, and design. With a degree in English and French, and a certificate in Graphic Design, Kerry brings to Curve an unrivalled eye for detail and a love for creative design. She is most excited when she gets to flex her creative muscles with many of our clients, with services ranging from ad design and collateral material to full brand development.

Kerry truly shines at the annual Ma Murray Awards, a major gala for community newspapers in BC and Yukon. Through her yearlong efforts before and during the big day, Kerry’s eye for detail ensures a smooth and successful event, and she has single-handedly improved attendance at the gala almost every year.

In her time off, Kerry is spending time with her kids, having a beer with friends, watching movies, and learning more design.

Heather Caulder

Marketing Strategist

Heather is passionate about storytelling. At Curve, she writes website copy, press releases, articles, speeches, blogs, newsletters, advertorials and proposals.

She believes that every client has a story to tell and loves that she gets to meet and interview so many interesting people – from contractors and real estate agents to small business owners, teachers and not-for-profit employees – through her work at Curve.

Heather took the jump from journalism to communications after completing her Master of Journalism degree, writing for media organizations like Discovery Channel and The Globe and Mail, and working as an online producer for Al Jazeera English in Doha, Qatar.

When not at work, Heather enjoys hiking, rollerblading the seawall, spending time with friends and family, and travelling the world.

Justin Wong

Digital Strategist

Ever since he was a kid, Justin loved to write. Now, Justin has become an expert in all things social media, analytics, and online advertising. In particular, Justin has spearheaded projects such as the online advertising campaign around Vikram Vij’s appearance on Dragons’ Den, building and maintaining several websites for clients, and creating informative content for Curve’s weekly email newsletter. Being surrounded by such a professional and talented team at Curve, Justin is excited to be constantly improving his skills.

Justin is an alumni of the Lighthouse Labs Coding Bootcamp, and now works to build websites from scratch for many clients.

In his free time, Justin likes to spend time with his fianceé, hang out with friends and family, and waste the hours away playing video games.

Cora Schupp


Curve’s accountant, Cora Schupp, has had a lot of experience in her life. She owned and operated two successful sanitation and janitorial supply companies for many years. She also worked at Garden Protein Ltd., and was responsible for food services in inventory, human resources, and purchasing, among other things. Deciding to take control of her career, Cora decided to become a self-employed bookkeeper and accountant.

Cora’s considerable experience has given her the ability to anticipate potential challenges and gives her more insight on how businesses and people operate.

At Curve, Cora has the opportunity to collaborate with interesting people and clients. She loves the freedom to be able to set her own tasks and priorities every single day. Through all her dealings with clients and in her personal life, Cora has proudly maintained three major principles: honesty, fairness, and respect.

In her free time, Cora is actively singing in two choirs and in a bluegrass band. Nothing makes her happier then having her friends around enjoying a good meal at her table.

Stephen Johnson

SEO and SEM Specialist

Stephen has always enjoyed competition. It’s what originally drew him in to search engine optimization as SEO is a constant battle for position among competitors. He also really likes to win.

He comes from a marketing background that has taken him around the world, with the majority of focus on Asia and Latin America. Presently though, his focus is locally as he strives to identify digital marketing objectives using SEO or SEM that can provide results for his clients.

Not surprisingly, Stephen’s hobbies evolve around sports, as he is a self-proclaimed rec(beer)-league all-star.

Howard Glase

Healthcare Consultant

Howard Glase has more than 20 years of experience in establishing scientific publishing, CHE and marketing plans for pharmaceutical, device and biotech companies. He has a proven track record of launching and growing brands for healthcare corporations in Canada, the United States and Europe. Howard’s last corporate brand management assignment was a $1.3 billion cardiovascular product.

Howard has experience across numerous therapeutic areas with over 20 global pharmaceutical companies. As an entrepreneur, he has launched and managed healthcare-related companies such as Gotham OHC (Medscape Canada), MD Analytics, and Compass KOL Directions.

Howard is passionate about education. He studied sciences at the University of Ottawa, is an Accredited Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Representative, has an Executive MBA Diploma from the University of Western Ontario, earned a finance Certificate from the Princeton University MBA program, and regularly reads scientific medical journals.

At Curve, Howard’s the resident healthcare marketing expert, but when he’s not racing around with new business development ideas, he can be found reading about sports cars, following F1 and using his racing license around various tracks across the country.

  • George Affleck

    President and CEO

  • Amanda Bates

    Vice President

  • Gina Robinson

    Director, Client Services

  • Kerry Slater

    Manager, Creative Projects

  • Heather Caulder

    Marketing Strategist

  • Justin Wong

    Digital Strategist

  • Cora Schupp


  • Stephen Johnson

    SEO and SEM Specialist

  • Howard Glase

    Healthcare Consultant